Wednesday, June 17, 2015

12th Grade

Senior year!  wow--it seems surreal to be at this point with our oldest.  I have so enjoyed the experience of homeschooling him, and I am looking forward to this last year with him at home.  Here are our plans for this year.  We are continuing with a college prep approach.

History and Lit:  continuing our great books approach.  We will be in year 4 and using a modified version of the well-trained mind reading list for year 4.  He will also study for and take the AP World History exam and the AP English Literature exam.  

Thesis:  He will complete an extended senior thesis this year.  In 9th and 10th, he completed a standard research paper.  In 11th, he wrote a junior thesis, and he chose the field of history for that project.  His project this year will be longer and more involved.  He is considering doing a project in psychology this year.  Details of how to do a junior and senior thesis can be found in the WTM.

Math:  Math U See Calculus

Science:  He will be continuing psychology dual enrollment for his science credits this year.

Language:  Stewart English book 3
                    IEW's Succeed on the AP Lit Exam (testing at the end of the year)

Electives:  AP French 4--online through the Potter's school
                  AP Latin-online with Henle
                  Russian--with Pimsleur and Russian in 10 minutes a day
                  New Testament using The Promise and the Blessing, as well as open course through Yale
                  Art-continue with the Annotated Mona Lisa and the Story of Painting for art from year 3, as well as studying photography
                  Music-Classical Music 101 (2nd half)
                  Rhetoric-Classical Rhetoric:  Aristotle's Principles of Persuasion
                 Work study-he will also be required to volunteer weekly at his chosen location--this could be traditional volunteer locations, or a location that would help him think through what he wants to pursue as an occupation.

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