Wednesday, June 17, 2015

12th Grade

Senior year!  wow--it seems surreal to be at this point with our oldest.  I have so enjoyed the experience of homeschooling him, and I am looking forward to this last year with him at home.  Here are our plans for this year.  We are continuing with a college prep approach.

History and Lit:  continuing our great books approach.  We will be in year 4 and using a modified version of the well-trained mind reading list for year 4.  He will also study for and take the AP World History exam and the AP English Literature exam.  

Thesis:  He will complete an extended senior thesis this year.  In 9th and 10th, he completed a standard research paper.  In 11th, he wrote a junior thesis, and he chose the field of history for that project.  His project this year will be longer and more involved.  He is considering doing a project in psychology this year.  Details of how to do a junior and senior thesis can be found in the WTM.

Math:  Math U See Calculus

Science:  He will be continuing psychology dual enrollment for his science credits this year.

Language:  Stewart English book 3
                    IEW's Succeed on the AP Lit Exam (testing at the end of the year)

Electives:  AP French 4--online through the Potter's school
                  AP Latin-online with Henle
                  Russian--with Pimsleur and Russian in 10 minutes a day
                  New Testament using The Promise and the Blessing, as well as open course through Yale
                  Art-continue with the Annotated Mona Lisa and the Story of Painting for art from year 3, as well as studying photography
                  Music-Classical Music 101 (2nd half)
                  Rhetoric-Classical Rhetoric:  Aristotle's Principles of Persuasion
                 Work study-he will also be required to volunteer weekly at his chosen location--this could be traditional volunteer locations, or a location that would help him think through what he wants to pursue as an occupation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2016 Refresh Retreat

The 2015 Refresh Homeschool Moms Retreat was amazing.  Wonderful speakers, yummy food, free chair massages, every room with a view, and fun with old and new friends.  Don't miss next year!  Registration opens July 16th.

All the details are here: